Morningside Renovation

Our Journey Through The Renovation Process Of Our Future "Forever Home" In Morningside (Atlanta,GA)


We went back to Bottega to look at the slabs Julie picked out for the kitchen.  Damby Mountain White Marble, I know it has to be a little over what we were budgeting but she’s done an amazing job staying at or below budget for everything else so hopefully we’ll have enough cushion to absorb the extra expense.  YOLO, right?

Due to all of the delays we did end up losing 1 of our 3 slabs that we had put on hold but we’re hopeful that 2 will be enough.  Plus, we would love to have a wood top for the island in the kitchen but that is super expensive!!!  I wish that we could find some reclaimed wood somewhere but I’m sure that it would still be $$$$.  Last comment for the day, I was totally blown away by Bottega’s selection, not the quantity but the actual pieces.  The slabs are  like God’s paintings, absolutely amazing and simply beautiful.

Hope They Have What She Picked

Our GC said that we need to go by Specialty Tile to pick our selection, not sure why the change?  I’m sure that they’ll have the same selection but Julie did such a good job that if they can’t fulfill it then unfortunately we might have to go against our GC’s wishes.  At least it will give us the opportunity to go by and visit Builder Specialties and Fergusons to look at kitchen appliances again

Check out her Tile Picks

So Julie wanted me to meet her today at Traditions in Tile to see what she picked out.  Initially I wasn’t too excited about it but I have to say that her and Heather did an excellent job!!!  And… have I mentioned that she was under budget?  Excellent all of the way around!!

As for the check, well our GC called this morning wanting to know when he could pick up his check.  Wish that he communicated like this on a normal basis.  He was at my office within an hour – still couldn’t give me an estimate on when they would pour the foundation or when framing would begin.

He Wants Some Money

So we got a message this morning from our GC which was quickly followed by an email that he wanted a check for his first draw.  I tried to narrow him down on a date on when the framing would begin however he stated that he had no idea.  Ok, so when will they finish the foundation? Answer – “I have no idea on that either but I’ll let you know… when can I get a check”?   We’ve been trying to reach you for 3 days and you call not to return our messages but to say you need money to buy materials? My answer, “tomorrow”.

Julie’s Having Fun

Today Julie was tasked with meeting our designer at Traditions in Tile in Buckhead for a preliminary look at all of the various tile choices and hopefully decide on a few options.  The two of them ended up spending the majority of the afternoon with a girl named Heather who Julie loved.  Amazingly Julie not only narrowed her choices, she actually decided on what she wanted!!   She was so excited showing me her selections that you couldn’t help but share in her enthusiasm .  Great selections and what’s even better is that she came in under budget!!  Fantastic Job and I love seeing her get so excited about the house as it’s been challenging lately with the various challenges.  Tile Box – checked!!!