Morningside Renovation

Our Journey Through The Renovation Process Of Our Future "Forever Home" In Morningside (Atlanta,GA)

Bathtubs have Arrived

Just thought that I would give a quick update on what progress has happened at our house during the last several weeks.  As you can imagine the holidays basically brought everything to a halt and if it wasn’t the holidays it’s been the rain.  However the rough plumbing was recently completed and just last week our GC finished installing the tubs.

We were originally going with a standard tub in all of the bathrooms, except the master, however our GC, amazing guy, was able to secure these awesome Kohler Devonshire tubs which have a 20″ depth and gave them to us for the same price as the standard ones. This guy is incredible.


misc 12212012 019

The hole(missing concrete) in the above picture was where our former GC originally put the plumbing…in a bedroom…bright guy huh?


misc 12212012 025

And for the Master Bath (below) we decided not to go with one that was jetted, so we chose a 41 1/2″ x 70″ Bathcraft tub manufactured by Craftsmen, model A97040-00.

misc 12212012 052

misc 12212012 051

It’s funny, it will be a while before the house is ready and we’re able to actually utilize the tubs but it’s still pretty exciting having them installed.  Plus, it’s the first time I’ve seen the boys excited about taking a bath – we’ll see how long that lasts. 

The holidays are behind us and even though we have rain forecasted throughout the end of this week I’m hoping for good weather in the near future…we still have a long way to go.


Hail Mary

With the air beginning to feel slightly more crisp in the morning it only means one thing – Football Season is Back!!   One of my most favorite times of the year.  Besides the peak of spring, the beginning of football season is simply magical.

I love college football and can literally watch any game with absolutely no preference as to who’s victorious. While college football is my staple, I’m somehow becoming even more of a fanatic of my beloved New Orleans Saints which I have followed since before they were known as the Aint’s.

Now living in Atlanta, home to our most despised archrival – the Falcons, I receive my fair share of derogatory comments when either myself or my boys are wearing some sort of Saints attire.  It’s generally all in good fun and frankly it’s the cornerstone of what keeps this rivalry so active.

So yesterday I was watching the Saints/Redskins game and even though we played well below our ability and Brees was having trouble hitting his receivers, we somehow found ourselves in a position to actually send the game into overtime.  With only 2 seconds left on the clock and 40+ yards to the end zone our only prayer was the always exciting Hail Mary pass.

The Hail Mary, a  desperate attempt for victory.  A play that has snatch victory away from many teams but one with a very low percentage of success.  This basic fact makes it is a favored highlight of ESPN, this last-ditch effort and attempt.

As I watched the play unfold and even after it was over I thought about the similarities of our situations.  One last desperate attempt to fulfil your original objective, one final heave. 

I’m going to continue to do all that I can to make sure our outcome has a different ending, the ref might have the whistle in his mouth but he hasn’t blown it yet.


Wish That I Could Channel Churchill’s Fire

I think Sir Winston once said “Never, Never, Never Give Up” but then I quickly remember the definition of insanity – extreme foolishness or irrationality.  As you can tell a clear decision has yet to be made…unfortunately.

We’ve decided to speak with various builders which have been referred to us (thanks to many of you) and see where we stand when comparing what it will actually cost to complete our home versus what is remaining in our budget.  (I think we’ll need a magician)

I know we both fell in love with this ugly house when we first saw it and emotionally we fell even further as we envisioned the memories that would be made and the future it would hold for us, but we’ve come to realize that it just may be unachievable now thanks to all that has transpired.

It’s depressing and it’s extremely tough for me not to feel defeated in numerous ways and levels.   There have certainly been high’s but the low’s have been numerous and more constant.  This place which use to bring me so much excitement has unfortunately become such a source of negative energy and feelings for me that unless we come up with a solution fairly quickly it will probably be best to just abandon this dream and try to eventually start a new one. 

I also need to clean up after our former GC as he’s left everything in quite a mess,but for a place that I once would make any excuse just to go over there and spend time splitting wood, moving dirt or just sitting there envisioning “one day”, I now find myself actually trying to avoid it.

“When you feel like giving up remember why you held on for so long in the first place”

And now to exhaust every potential avenue…initially the biggest challenge will be summoning the energy to explore them.

Julie’s Having Fun

Today Julie was tasked with meeting our designer at Traditions in Tile in Buckhead for a preliminary look at all of the various tile choices and hopefully decide on a few options.  The two of them ended up spending the majority of the afternoon with a girl named Heather who Julie loved.  Amazingly Julie not only narrowed her choices, she actually decided on what she wanted!!   She was so excited showing me her selections that you couldn’t help but share in her enthusiasm .  Great selections and what’s even better is that she came in under budget!!  Fantastic Job and I love seeing her get so excited about the house as it’s been challenging lately with the various challenges.  Tile Box – checked!!!