Morningside Renovation

Our Journey Through The Renovation Process Of Our Future "Forever Home" In Morningside (Atlanta,GA)

I Hope He Understands

Today I sent an email to our GC letting him know that we want to stick with the construction plans as drawn.  Further, that I wasn’t comfortable with the way the carport slab was poured, being that it slopes to the house and that there isn’t an elevation change between it and the basement slab, both noted on the construction plans. I’m also wondering if the supports he put up for the existing structure are permanent or temporary – I hope temporary. 

All of this is starting to make me curious if there are other issues with the work that he has already done and we just aren’t knowledgable enough to know about it?  I would love to know all that Mike Holmes would discover – although I think even he would be overwhelmed.


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One guy's journey through renovation. From purchasing a home in desperate need of repair, through complete renovation and expansion to hopeful dream house for my wife.

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