Morningside Renovation

Our Journey Through The Renovation Process Of Our Future "Forever Home" In Morningside (Atlanta,GA)

Decisions Have Been a Bright Spot

Julie and I as well as the designer are getting a little closer on the kitchen layout as well as the bathroom colors.  Actually I have no interest in the “color scheme” but the efficiency of the kitchen is of interest.  I like efficiency and cheap while Julie likes pretty and more pretty ($$).  Luckily we’ve been able to easily compromise and actually we’ve been pretty much on the same page with most things.  Plus it’s been fun working and making decisions with Julie.  I was totally expecting this to be the typical husband and wife battle ground area.  I’m somewhat laughing thinking that maybe this is so easy because the construction part has been a migraine.

Julie’s Having Fun

Today Julie was tasked with meeting our designer at Traditions in Tile in Buckhead for a preliminary look at all of the various tile choices and hopefully decide on a few options.  The two of them ended up spending the majority of the afternoon with a girl named Heather who Julie loved.  Amazingly Julie not only narrowed her choices, she actually decided on what she wanted!!   She was so excited showing me her selections that you couldn’t help but share in her enthusiasm .  Great selections and what’s even better is that she came in under budget!!  Fantastic Job and I love seeing her get so excited about the house as it’s been challenging lately with the various challenges.  Tile Box – checked!!!

Differences of Opinion

We sent our revisions of the kitchen layout back to our designer; we nixed the farm sink and moved the sink, refrigerator as well as the range around a little.  Julie likes the original plan, as does our designer (she thinks it will look good in pictures) and while I’ll quickly admit that I have no idea or experience in designing a kitchen it’s just that the current plan doesn’t make sense to me or seem practical when considering two young boys in the mix.  I probably need to remain quiet on this… I wonder if there are any new kitchen mags or kitchen design sites? (I’m joking… sort of).

Kitchen Plans

We received the first draft of our kitchen layout today.  Pretty impressive but I have a few questions with regards to the refrigerator door opening up into a doorway as well as the kitchen sink being under a “window” that is nonexistent.  Never thought that I would, but I actually bought the most recent copy of Kitchen and Bath Ideas on the way home from work, hope this isn’t a prelude as to what’s to come of me.

Appliances ain’t Cheap

So we went looking at appliances today for a few hours and I was amazed at the advancements that have been made over the last several years.  Pretty fancy and so many choices and brands; Thermador, Viking, Wolf, BoschTip, never look at the high-end stuff first, it’s like going from a Bentley to a Chevy.  We either need to adjust our budget or our taste.