Morningside Renovation

Our Journey Through The Renovation Process Of Our Future "Forever Home" In Morningside (Atlanta,GA)

Why Lie?

It’s been 3 days since any work has been done on the house, disappointing since we were told that they were really going to start moving everything forward to try and get back on track.

On another and rather confusing note, today Julie asked our GC to contact the sub that cleared out the backyard to have him come and finish clearing out the front yard, especially being that we’ve already paid for it.  His response – that sub is out of business.  Initially this was disappointing, until I called the sub myself and found out that he was still in business.  I just don’t understand why our GC would lie to us about him being out of business?  I want to and I’m trying to give our GC the benefit of the doubt on this but it’s hard. I just keep asking myself why would he lie about this and also, have we been lied to about anything else?


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One guy's journey through renovation. From purchasing a home in desperate need of repair, through complete renovation and expansion to hopeful dream house for my wife.

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