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Our Journey Through The Renovation Process Of Our Future "Forever Home" In Morningside (Atlanta,GA)

We Have a Problem

We have a problem, after being framed I knew that it would look a little smaller but I decided to measure the room sizes anyway.  Somehow we lost 2′ 6″ from the depth/length of our basement/flex room.  Our downstairs bedroom is smaller and the stub for the plumbing is in the bedroom, not the bathroom.  Just one huge mess.  I sent our GC an email letting him know that it wasn’t acceptable and that we would like to meet with him ASAP.  Also noticed that the carport is smaller than what was noted on the plans.  GC wrote back that “we lost some space from the plans”.  No Shit!!  A lot of space and we’re having to bring it to your attention, I would think that you would have brought this up to us as soon as you discovered there might be an issue.  Were you not going to tell us?  Amazing!!!  His reasoning is that the elevations in the plans are wrong.  Ok, doesn’t make sense to me but I’m willing to listen, plus doesn’t it say on the plans to field verify all measurements and to notify the architect if the existing field conditions are different from what’s on the plan?  We’re meeting him on Saturday and I am beyond pissed.  This portion of the construction is new and we’re not constrained on any side for our footprint – we shouldn’t be that far off, a few inches I understand but 30″, no way!!

Update, just spoke with our architect, he said that our GC never called him with any questions or concerns.  He said that is quite normal for our GC and that he keeps telling him that if something doesn’t make sense to call.


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