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Batman Is Great But What We Need Is Superman

Ok, it’s probably time that I address a question that I keep getting asked?  I’ve received a lot of request wanting to know the name of our former GC and then some of you who know the identity have insisted that I name him, saying that it’s my duty to prevent this from happening to other people.  I agree and while the thought has crossed my mind numerous times, currently I’m going to hold off doing so.  Do know that when it’s appropriate I’ll make this information public as I too don’t want anyone else going through the same experience.  For what it’s worth we are in the process of going after his license as well as reporting him to the various trade and business organizations but the vast majority of our energy has been geared towards trying to make this house our home. 

So Saturday it was Max’s 4th birthday.  Of course when we bought the house we told Max that we would be having his party in the backyard with the full range of blowup jumpy things, etc… but as we all know that couldn’t happen.  Instead we hosted it at a local karate studio which actually turned out great!!  His “theme” was Batman as that is his new fixation and actually what he prefers to be called most days.  It amazes me how it truly seems as if only a few days ago we were bringing him home from the hospital for the first time and now he’s “fighting” an imaginary Joker and Penguin.  It really is going by way too fast.


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