Morningside Renovation

Our Journey Through The Renovation Process Of Our Future "Forever Home" In Morningside (Atlanta,GA)

My Focus Needs to be Elsewhere

As we head down to Florida there are numerous questions rolling through our heads. Aside from the LAST stunt our GC pulled, the big question is what do we do?  Sell it or keep it?

He’s already taken a significant portion of our allotted construction funds and has also basically put us in quite a predicament due to the alterations and modifications that will need to be made because of his numerous mistakes and omissions.  At this time I’m not really sure how we can overcome this position if we decide to continue forward?

If we sell it, the “improvements” he’s made will have little value and will very possibly detract from the value of our house.  Plus, we still have the cost of cleaning up the mess that he’s left behind as well as repairing the existing house due to some of the damage (direct & indirect) that his crews have caused.

I’m just not sure of any answers, it’s a lose lose situation either way.  The thing is, we aren’t one of those couples that bit off more than they could afford.  We work hard, save money, budget and watch our expenses.  We’ve been looking for several years and finally found our potential dream and POOF!!!  Not only does it feel as if it’s gone but it possibly will also cost us even more money with either route we choose.

So here we are; heading down to Florida with some pretty massive thoughts going through our minds.  And I’m resentful, very resentful!!! Not only will all of this take away some of our focus on the boys but the true purpose behind going to Florida isn’t so much for the beach or a vacation but more so to be closer to Julie’s dad.  I won’t go into too much detail but after his accident, a year ago tomorrow, the beach is now a place where Julie feels the closest to him.  Outside of this “renovation” catastrophe it’s been a hard year for all of us and especially Julie.  Douglas, Julie’s dad, was such a big part of our lives and their father/daughter relationship was one beyond anything that I have ever seen.  If one day I can achieve even half of that relationship with my boys then I will feel as if I have been successful as a father and dad.  There have been so many times throughout this project where I have wanted to call him for advice on what to do, how do we handle something, what do you recommend, etc…which at times has only made the reality and pain seem close to unbearable.

Tomorrow will be about Douglas, Douglas and Julie. 

We Miss You and Love You Douglas!!!



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One guy's journey through renovation. From purchasing a home in desperate need of repair, through complete renovation and expansion to hopeful dream house for my wife.

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