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No Idea and No Plan

Our Structural Engineer had a field meeting with our GC today. In her report she stated that he admitted that he didn’t have a plan or an idea as to how to connect the existing house with the new addition or underpin the foundation.  He knew he needed to pour the foundation wall and connect it to the house for structural support as well as for waterproofing but he just didn’t know where or how?  Concerning, when was he going to ask someone, is that why we’ve been on hold for weeks? Basically it came out during the meeting that he had no idea how to properly put in the foundation and shouldn’t have poured it.

It just won’t end, we also found out today that one of the walls in our carport should have been poured as a retaining wall but instead it was built as a foundation wall.  So now our Structural Engineer will need to go back and redesign the framing plan to redistribute the weight of what is hopefully going to be built on top.  Not sure if it was our GC or architect who screwed this up – thanks guys.

I wish that I could say that was all, however we also discovered that our GC not only forgot to install a drainage system for the basement but also, and for the 2nd time, he forgot to stub for the wet bar.

I’m going to bed, I can’t even imagine how it could get worse but that is one place where our GC continues to amaze me.  How can one screw up so much?  It’s as if he just doesn’t give a crap about it.


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