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Our Journey Through The Renovation Process Of Our Future "Forever Home" In Morningside (Atlanta,GA)

But It Makes More Sense

I sent an email to our GC today asking for a copy of the mechanical plans, he said that isn’t done with residential construction and they always figure it out on-site?  Damn, that scares me every time he says something about figuring it out on-site. 

I mentioned that water was STILL getting into the back bedroom and that we would not be paying for any damage that this creates and that I’m expecting him to do so. 

Also, showed how it would make more sense financially for him to remove the basement slab that he incorrectly poured and do it the correct way as well as what was in the plans versus the new framing system and all of the other various modifications that will now need to be made.  I asked why he wouldn’t consider it and I’m anxious to receive his answer as it truly does make sense to start over. 

I’m starting to have concerns if the job is even doable financially from the numbers he provided us. I think that I’m going to have a couple of people look at them and give me their thoughts to see if it can be finished.  I just wonder why else he would be stalling? 

More great news – I found out that another completed job of his is unable to receive a Certificate of Occupancy because of code issues, and I heard about ANOTHER judgement in which he is in default.  Not sure if this is one of the ones I previously found out about but damn this is scary – what are we doing?  Julie keeps persuading me to give him an opportunity to let him make it right but I wonder if he has the ability to be able to do so?


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