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So Our GC says that I’m Unreasonable

I received an email today from our GC stating that “while the goal for the basement was to have a ceiling height of 8 feet,  we’re as close to that depth as they could get based on the site”.  Why did he tell us during our on-site meeting with him on March 31st that the ceiling height was correct?  Was he lying, I hope it was more ignorance than deceitfulness.   Side note – I checked on this and this just is not true, there was nothing physically or structurally that would prevent someone from digging any deeper. The subs told me that they dug to the depth of what was told to them by our GC. 

He also informed me that he will not remove the slab, that he can’t afford to remove it because he has already spent what we have given him and that “any reasonable person” that saw the site would agree.  So now I’m unreasonable wanting what was 1) shown in the plan and 2) highly achievable.  He stated that he’s going to put everything on hold until we decide what we want done. 

I guess that means either we accept the slab that was poured at an incorrect depth, at least 8″ too shallow, or he’s walking? 

So he screwed up and we have to accept it or else I’m unreasonable?


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